TTM Squeeze/BB Squeeze 123456

First of all I want to say Hello to all users, and say sorry for my english.

Now I try to describe my problem:

I found the bbsqueeze indicator on this forum and I tried to use it in my EA.

And now I have a problem becasue I don’t know which buffer retruns the values less than 0 (the red posts histogram).

So, could someone tell me which buffer should I use in iCustom instruction to get this values?

I’ll be very grateful of that.

It is written inside the code of the indicator:

#property indicator_color1 Lime
#property indicator_color2 Red

#property indicator_color3 Magenta
#property indicator_color4 Aqua

So lime color line is 0. Red is 1.

I mean for icustom in EA (because it is starting with 0 for icustom and with 1 in indicators).


I really should read the source code before asking. It’s my mistake.

Thanks newdigital

Hi Guys,

Anyone knows what is TTM Squeeze Indicator ???


I think it is the same indicator called BBSqueeze which you can find by seaching this forum.