TrendStuffer Indicator here?

Any body can share TrendStuffer Indicator here ? My friend sent me the indicator a few month ago but my desktop was crashed and lost the file.


Well considering it doesnt work and it hasnt made 1 pip of profit and all the results and statements the seller presents are lies, why would you want it?

Are you sure it does not make a single pip?? Because its quite unlikely from what we see on the website. And they got a new version now called the Ultimate Version. They were offering 1 week Trial from June 11 to June 17 but unfortunately I found about this just today. They said that we can make some money with the trial and buy the soft with the profit. I dont think that if their EA was so bad, they would have taken such a risk by giving away a whole week trial. I have notice that most will never give you their EA to try because of course, they know their EA wont work.

I will wait for ur input about this. And maybe if anyone interested, we can add our funds together to get a copy.

The person who makes it comes from HYIPs and scams.

He has no trading experience and just wacked it together out of free bits from forums.Hes an internet marketing person.

Hes had maybe 4 versions all people paid for and they never worked he keeps changing them but makes people pay for them anyway, before they tested, all his results are based on backtest.

Many free indicators do much much better stop making scammers rich dont buy this junk, person not selling it because they a trader want more capital etc they selling it as pure marketing business recoup losses from hyip ponzi scams.Paypal give no refund on this some people have said they angry got ripped off.

Reason why all this new deals etc is because no one buying it, to get more sales, because it never works properly, they always try and change it and fix it but never do because no trading background.

Also wont give EA only give encrypted one with your account number in it because the code in it they dont want you to see its from EA’s and indicators on free forums for free download.

The fact it has a 10% referral commission for other people to sell it should speak for itself.

Thanks for this reply. Anyways, I would like to get the impression of some people who tried the indicators in person. Dong, you are talking based on what you heard, I respect your opinion on this but we will get a better answer from someone who tested and used it. Thanks for the reply.

Ok no problem, I have spoken to people who paid for it in full and it didnt work and they got no refund for the whole year subscription.

Also just to let you know however, the people youll see posting yayyy it made me money definately buy this, are the people selling it.