The Float - the 5 min chart is great

I wanted to share with you all, this indicator I crossed by. I think the indicator is amazing. It’s look like its working like a clock. (I hope). I am testing it on demo for some time. In my experience the 5 min chart is great. also the daily.

I enter to a position only when a new vertical blue line appears. I am not entering when a new Float is starting. I go the opposite of the last trend. I am waiting all the way until I can see the blue vertical line and the BLUE FRAME. that’s it.

It looks amazing. I thank to the poser who share it at strategy.

I hope some programmer will fix a system for going long or short by the

blue line and open position opposite to the last trend.

My problem it to leave the computer and miss the blue line perfect signal. Also I dont have it for mt4. only the ex4.

If some one have the mql4 Float I really appropriate posting it to me.

thank’s for those that will do that for the benefit of all of us.