Strength Indicator?

Hey everyone,

So I was wondering if anyone had a Stochastic that could have the strength of the cross? By that I mean in the CCI expert I had a while ago, when there was a cross it would say on the top left the percentage strength, when it was over a certain percentage or so it would trade. So does anyone know how to code this strength indicator on top of the normal stochastic?

It would be grealty appreciated.


Hi all,

Actually it is like this: the closer K and D lines get, the higher the strength. So, if K = D then the strength will be 100%, and if K is too far away from D, the strength should be 0%.

No more ado, i coded the thing.

Actually the “strength” doesn’t care if K and D will cross or have crossed; it’s simply care merely how far apart K and D are.

Strength 90%, the Stoch will likely cross very soon.