Strategy tester is slow on 12 Cores High End PC, is there any way to make it faster?


I am testing an EA on 28 Pairs and my PC is new High End PC with 12 Core CPU and M.2 SSD up to 3GB Read Speed and 2 GB Write Speed, but I must wait many hours each time to finish the test, is there any way to make the process faster?

Thanks but I couldn’t understand anything, in my PC the MT5 took only 25% from CPU not more:


Not sure what could be the issue, but they are the Strategy tester agents which does the testing operations, not the Terminal.

High current drawdown in 30% indicates the absence of risk limitation

Comes a point it’s no longer about CPU. It’s about the network. You have to wait for the whole data from all pairs to be downloaded first.

Thanks, now I understand that the download not working on multi core and I must wait it to finish.