SMA Combo - double SMA crossover


I have built a ea to act on a double SMA crossover however i am looking for some other indicators to try and remove bogus trades to improve my accuracy.

I attached a image to show what I mean by bogus trades.

Hopefully someone can assist.

Top of every page is CodeBase
MAs are lagging, so what do you expect your entries to be?
Assist you with what? You haven’t stated a problem. Show us your attempt and state the nature of your problem.

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry was just wondering if anyone knows of a indicator that i can combine with a SMA cross over to prevent the Cross over from trading at the wrong levels. I have however already thought of a solution and that would be to make sure the current price is within a X value range to when the cross occur.

Maybe RSI can help you, to filter the oversold/overbought signals.