Same charts of different brokers showing different candles (OHCL)


Analyzing same Forex charts of two different brokers, I can observe that my color candle indicator is different, due to different candle open, close, high and low values between this two brokers.

Does anybody know what is the reason of this?


can you share some Snapshots ?

Different brokers are linked to different sets of banks to complete their transactions so there will always be some variation.

However every I have compared different brokers in real time and there is usually not a lot of difference between the major brokers in the same markets. The more difference between brokers, including size of their connections and geographic area, the greater the differences.

This is only true if you are using live accounts. DEMO data is filtered by brokers and not updated as regularly as LIVE data. (Read the tiny, tiny print or ask your Broker about the difference between Live and Demo data.

Good luck.

Mostly on charts of H1 and lower they should be quite similar.

Higher time-frames can differ drastically due to different broker times, ie they don’t start and finish at the same time

Thank you all for the help and support