"3d" indicator

Hi Guys,

I found this indicator, and i think it has a really nice potential. I think there could be an expert programmed on the basis of this indicator. The simplest is to do the expert that would do the following:

Long position opens at the close of the bar during which the cross has taken place . Or on the open of the next bar. The position closes when the lines cross back, and right then a short position opens. And so on.

I have attached a chart with the indicator, and the trades it would make for the last two days. It is usdchf 1h chart.

So i want to know, what do you think about this, and what improvements could be made, like filters, or different exit points and so on.

Seems interesting, I was wondering at first why it was late on every signal then I realized that you wanted to make it 1 candle late. I was thinking of asking if it was possible (to all the programmers out there) to make it check if the cross has been there for longer than (say 10 minutes) then it can make the trade instead of waiting for an hour to make the trade. I think if that was possible it would be great, that once a cross has been made, the expert will monitor it, if the corss stays and doesnt change after 10 minutes then it makes the trade.

Let me know, this seems interesting