Push notifications problem when using a VPS (from indicator)

I set up the push notifications in my indicator’s settings. notifications get to my mt4 phone app perfectly while running the the computer app. But when I rent a VPS and set all the details and the environment, and finally click migrate, I don’t get the notifications when I close the app. I also noticed that even though I have the desired chart with the indicator running on the screen, and I click migrate, in the journal says that “no custom indicator was found for migration” or something like that. If anybody can help! thanks a lot!

I Have the same problem - can someone help

Can someone help on the above

Thanks in advance.

You can make EA, which push notifications by signals from your indicator.


I Managed to fix this. the indicator wont run on the virtual platform if you have no Expert Advisor running on the chart

During platform synchronization with the virtual server, charts without Expert Advisors are ignored, even if custom indicators are running on these charts. If you need to migrate a custom indicator, run it on the chart of an “empty” Expert Advisor that does not perform operations. Such an Expert Advisor can be easily generated using the MQL5 Wizard in MetaEditor by selecting “Expert Advisor: template”. This is to ensure that indicators are migrated on purpose.

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In addition: Dlls aren’t allowed.