Prosource with Trend Envelopes V1

This is Prosource EA and Trend Envelopes indicator.

The EA called PerkyProNrtr I dont know much about ive been testing it, would seem it messes up when used on M30 which its its designed for.

The indicator however, TrenEnvelopes_V1 has proven successfull for sometime now when used on 4Hr Charts, however its hard to get the signal quick enough because you have to sit and wait for ages.

The EA is supposed to simply open a position when the trand indicator gives a signal and close and open next direction when gets next signal.

However this one isnt working properly ive found it closes and opens positions before next signal.

If someone could make this indicator into a simple EA,

That opens a position when gets new signal and closes it and open in next signal direction for 4HR charts id say it would be profitable.

Files :