Oscillators - collection of oscillators

Does anyone have a large collection of oscillators (works best in a trading range) that he/she put together? Maybe we could start a thread where all oscillators are gathered.

And let’s go a little beyound RSI and Stochastic

It is good decision to start the thread about it.

But it is very good to start the thread about all Oscillators in general.

the most basic oscillator

Ok, maybe the most simple oscillator would be the price (close) - the moving average (close) over N periods.

Because if fx rates really do move around their averages, this could be a simple indication of extreme moves: if you made a probability distribution of this oscillator you could also put an exact % of chance of such a move (vis a vis its moving average).

Is this indicator available?

actually this (price - MA oscillator) would be a real simple kind of detrending

It would be a lot like MAdistance.mq4 , but as an oscillator, and not just as text on the chart.

By editing the line

extern int MA.Method = MODE_EMA; to

extern int MA.Method = MODE_SMA; You get the difference between the price and the SMA.

The required indi is similar to the DPO, but still it’s not the same because when you compare the value of the DPO with the difference between the price bars and the MA, you get a different value (for the same settings of MA offcourse)

Hi, somebody have the maDistance in a mtf version?