Open multiple orders with one click

Dear all,

I’m trying to developing two very simple scripts (one for buy and one for sell) that allows me to open with just one click ten or more orders on different symbols and with different lot size.

I don’t care about TP and SL and other functions…I will manually close everything.

I’ve looked at this script but seems to be too complex…

Do you think it’s possible to do it or every single script should be attached to the correct chart?

Of course it’s possible. What is actually your problem ?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

My problem is that every script I found has too many functions, and If I replace “symbol” with “eurusd” I got some errors.

Do you know where I can find somewhere a simple code line with the Sell or Buy order command + symbol + lot size? I don’t need anything else :wink:

Shall I open a new request for developing? I don’t think so since should be a very quick job…


-it will be a very quick job because the script just have to open an order without consider any strategy or indicator, as far as i know it will fit in one line like this:

OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,1,Ask,3,Ask-25Point,Ask+25Point,“My order #2”,16384,0,Green);

-I’ll do if I don’t find any script in this forum ready for this.

-My problem is that I have a basic knowledge of mql4 and I do not have time to translate it.

Orders are managed very differently in mql5, see the following link for OrderSend.

Good luck.

Thank you very much!

Isn’t this what you need ?

The scripts for opening short positions

The scripts for opening long positions

How can I withdraw my fund in mql5?

You can only withdraw earned (and not deposited) funds, here: