Multi-Color buffer line - Need more clarification

how color-buffers are assigned to specific buffer.

for example:


PlotIndexSetInteger(0,PLOT_LINE_COLOR,0, clrGreen); PlotIndexSetInteger(0,PLOT_LINE_COLOR,1, clrRed);
PlotIndexSetInteger(1,PLOT_LINE_COLOR,0, clrGreen); PlotIndexSetInteger(1,PLOT_LINE_COLOR,1, clrRed);
SetIndexBuffer(4, color_buffer,INDICATOR_COLOR_INDEX);

My question is, when we set values in the loop:

color_buffer[i] = 1;

which buffer-line color is changed? 1st or 2nd buffer?

how to refer the color-buffer to specific data-buffer?

The way you wrote it, none of your lines will be colored line

Check the link in your post

I have read and that’s why I have asked… I couldnt find out with those examples… please tell me how to do that,

the colorbuffer-index should be the next index of the desired buffer-index???

have I to add only this?

You can not have one colors buffer for multiple color lines

THANKS! now i understand. THAT SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN DOCS, what you say.

Are you sure it is not ?