Metatrader on Google Cloud

It has happened more than once that I open my virtual machine (google cloud) and Metatrader is closed. I’m pretty sure that I’ve left both Metatrader and the bots ON.

What I’m doing is opening the Metatrader and turn on the robots again (when possible before the market opens). Do you know what the impact of having to do this often might be?

Have you seen this happen? Do you have any solution?

Do you know if it could be the fault of the cloud or Metatrader itself?

Thank you very much!

Determine the cause of when/why Metatrader is shutting down by looking at the Metatrader log files and Windows Event Viewer.

Thanks for your reply!

The log says this:

OP 0 04:07:53.062 System terminal stopped due to system shutdown

Seems that the computer turned off itself, right?


It seems that the system was shut down, but “turned off itself” is not a deterministic reason.

In short: find the reason.

If you don’t have access to the Event Viewer, you need to contact Google Cloud tech support to dig deeper.

The virtual hosting that is built in is pretty reliable. Cloud based desktop environments are pretty expensive in comparison, and none of them are as reliable as you would want them to be. The impact of your desktop environment being unreliable is that it won’t run your Metatrader terminal 24/7. I don’t know how that would affect your particular strategy but I can tell you that automating a strategy and handing it off to an unreliable machine isn’t a good idea.

The built in hosting was $10 a month when I was using it. I had it running for a couple years and only had about 25 hours of downtime.