Looking for Heat Map indicator

I saw an interesting indicator on this Video YouTube - Forex HeatMap & FX Multimap Trading System

It displays the strength of currencies pairs.

for example if you are trading on a EURUSD chart you can

see the USDs strength compared to other currencies

and same with the EURs.

Its easier to draw conclusions…

Where can i get such an indicator for metatrader?

Or can someone program it?

Thanks a lot!

maybe the right…

I found an Indicator that seems to be the right one.

Практическое применение кластерных индикаторов на рынке FOREX - Статьи по MQL4

but the Page is in russian language.

anoyone of you understands russian?

it seems that the strength of the currency pairs are dieplayed as lines. it shouldnt be to hard to modify in order to get heatmaps.

i am very happy now with this really awesome (!) indicator

i modified the russian complex_pairs indicaor that it shows a green/red histogram instead of lines.

i also modded some time parameters.

However there are some mistakes in the code (i am a beginner)

The indicator only works at EURUSD for now. I have to correct it. .

As you can see, the indicator seems to be faster than all others.

It can really predict movements!

When you look at the picture below you see

at A: there is a strong move in the chart but the indicator shows only little green,because the EUR is weak compared to the other currency pairs.

There is a dramatic pullback.

at B: same as A:

at C:

The EUR is falling against the dollar while the indicator shows,that the EUR ist getting stronger

->a big uptrend is comming

isn’t it fine?

Could you please, post your indicator

I went to try and read the article but the words are HUGE!

One word takes up the whole page!