Is it possible to build an ea that opens the new position one step bigger?

Hey and good day to everyone:)

My question is if its possible to build an ea that rise the position size with every new order until every position gets closed?

Like 1.Trade 0,01 lot 0.02lot 0.03lot tp/sl hit closed.

martingale or anti-martingale?

I guess smoncarr4 means that with every order (after a losing order) the lotsize gets 0.01 higher.
(so it’s a martingale style system, but instead of multiplication wit a lot multiplier it needs
to add for example 0.01 (or another value determined by the user via an input parameter
such as “AddToLotSize” for example…)

so the first lotsize is 0.01. If that one loses the second order lotsize should be 0.02. If the
second order loses, the third order lotsize should be 0.03 etc. (hence increasing with 0.01
after every losing trade) If the trade wins, the next lotsize will be 0.01 again. Etc etc.
I guess it would be handy to set the max trades of the range per currency in an input parameter (for example: MaxTradesPerCurrency).

How to implement the above? Can anyone make an example EA with a simple MA cross signal
system for example?

Thanks already very much.

I don’t think martingale is relevant in this instance. His EA could open multiple trades in the same direction or even different directions until the entire set of orders reach some Profit level and then start over again at 0.01. I’ve been trying to look at things with different glasses lately , why must we categorize everything in little boxes.

input double lotStartSize = 0.01;
// Later in program
double lotSize = OrdersTotal() * lotStartSize + lotStartSize;

Possible? Of course, but you don’t want to. That will result in your average price being moved closer to the market. The first retracement will lead to large losses.