I need a partner to develop an expert advisor

I have an algorithm to develop an EA. The goal is to develop an EA that will never get a margin call, but will always close in profit or with zero loss like grid Martingales do. My problem is I can’t afford Freelancers to fully develop it and I would like to have it done before walking the long path of learning to code. So, would you like to be my partner ?

Algorithm summary: When one trade is in drawdown, the EA will open several trades in a way that I cannot publicly explain but is not hedging, grid or Martingale. The goal is to close in profit almost all the time, rarely close with zero loss, and almost never close with a small loss of 4 pips or less.

I only need from you:

  1. Good English language and very good MQL4 or MQL5 coding skills. It’s important to note that the EA only opens and closes trades on new bar open. You must be very familiar with trading on new bar open.

  2. You must be willing and able to provide me the EA and its code, we will both have the algorithm and the code!

  3. You must commit like me to not sell the EA. If many people have it brokers and big banks will take measures to make it ineffective. IT’S NOT SCALPING. But we really can’t share it. Please forgive me everyone but that’s why I can’t describe the algorithm here. We will only talk about it by private chat.

  4. Being a person who loves the neighbor is a plus. Not to love money is a big plus. I believe in God and want to provide for my family and those in need, I hope you’re in a similar channel and this is not a religious requirement, just suggest to love your neighbor.

Once we have fully developed drawdown recovery part of the EA, you are free to continue working or not as my partner in adding more profitable entries, but the important and first thing we will do is create the EA with 1 entry into the market and the fully developed drawdown recovery code.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Sorry for not sharing my algorithm :frowning: I can’t make it public!

The idea and announcement looking attractive but impossible when deal in live

why you bound your self only to coders,might be some investor interested to take risk

if your system promise lots of profit, small payment to freelancer is negligible…

I taught myself mql4 over the past few years, with no coding experience. Easiest way was to reverse engineer other projects, and making lots of use of the editor help file.

And like has already been mentioned, if this algorithm is a strong one, why are you unable/unwilling to invest your own time/money to bring it to life?

I get you started right now, with checking signal on new bar open:

void OnTick()
   int tradesignal=-1;

bool NewBar(int ref, ENUM_TIMEFRAMES period)
   static int BarRef_[10];
   if(BarRef_[ref] == 0 || BarRef_[ref] < iBars(NULL,period))


int CheckSignal(ENUM_TIMEFRAMES period)
   double SMA200=iMA(NULL,period,200,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,1); 
   double close=iClose(NULL,period,1);   

Thank you very much everyone. I’m already working with a teammate, but I appreciate all of your advices, thank you.

Hello, I’m looking for someone to code something really simple for me and am willing to pay for it. I have no experience in coding, and am not really interested in learning. Would rather spend the time trading! If interested, please let me know. Thanks!

Dear friends,

Please excuse me but as I explained in a previous message, I’m already working with a partner. Please excuse me everyone. Have a blessed weekend everyone.