How to show/hide indicators created by EA

My EA uses some indicators that open subwindows (volume, RSI, Bulls bears, etc). How can I hide these subwindow indicators? It is hard to see the candles with a lot of subwindows…

Tks by advance!

An EA does not need to paint the indicators on the chart.

Are you sure the indicators are created by the EA and not being present in the chart template?

Sorry by the wrong way that I did the question. You are correct: The EA does not show any indicator when is running. The indicators shows only in the test mode.

But I found something interesting about how to show/hide the EA indicators. With this code we can do it easily:

      int subWindowId=(int)ChartGetInteger(0,CHART_WINDOWS_TOTAL); 
   } else {
      int subWindowId=ChartWindowFind(0, "My indicator shortname"); 
      ChartIndicatorDelete(0, subWindowId, "My indicator shortname");

MT4 -->
MT5 -->

Hello you right click your mouse on your board. select the indicator list. you click on the indicator you want to remove and click on “remove”.