How to import your own tick data into MetaTrader5

I have .csv archives (time,bid ask,volume ask,volume bid) more accurate than my broker.

how can I integrate this files ??


You can’t with MT5…

I think - no way to import some data directly to MT5. You can export MT5 data to excel for example.

If I am wrong so sorry.

CodeBase -

  • MS Excel: Data Exchange and Management (MT4)
  • Export to Excel in Real Time (MT4)
  • DDE - Server (MT5)

Article -

even more mt5 archives are encrypted … not cool !

i think i am going quit MT4/MT5 for a best language . it’s sad

Note that it’s a hard decision open or not, since if MQ opens the data can lose quality control too.

Maybe a better solution for you is test more brokers and choose the best one for your needs.

the main problem is that backtests give very different results than reality !

it’ depressing

i do a few test an i will decide for next choice

thank’s for helping

Why is that ???

the backtest apply stop loss you wished

in reality a violent gap can move you stop loss to 10;20;30 … pips

With MT4, you can but with MT5, it’s impossible.

What I personally do is using open prices M1 or OHLC because it’s the only “trustable” data you can get.

Or, become yourself broker ! (maybe not so stupid as it seems)