How to hide indicator property window?


Is it possible to hide indicator property window upon adding it on chart?

I don’t need to change any values. The goal is to add indicator with default values with minimum clicks.


Not possible to hide indicator property window upon adding it on chart

Script to apply a template with the indicator on it? You could even assign a hotkey.

It may have some unwanted side effects if you have drawn objects etc…

Or a script to attach the indicator to current chart, using ChartIndicatorAdd() function. Even better.


What would be the purpose of it (except the worst intentions that come in mind immediately)?

Disabling the user interaction was and is always just a scammers dream - not coders intentions

i’m writing few scripts, the purpose of those is to show or hide specific objects and indicators on a chart with just a double click.

say, i click the script and it draws fibo levels, i click it again and it hides that fibo. i managed to do this with objects, yet indicators adds that property window.

script to apply a template will not work for me. indeed there may be other objects on the chart, that must stay there.

ChartIndicatorAdd works, yet I didn’t figure out how to set custom style (color, width) for lines. Any ideas?

Inside the indicator code, you have to create input parameters for all the features that you want (color, line style, line width, etc) and then you set their values when you create its handle inside the script.