How to fix the issue where EA input variables become immutable


I cannot change data in the Inputs when I try to test any AE. After the change, it goes back to defaults.

Can you advise what can be wrong?


Do you have the same problem?

MT5 самостоятельно сбрасывает настройки в тестере после перехода на вкладку “Настройки”

Here is the problem in the screenshots:

  1. First, we set any settings for testing:

Go to the Settings page:

Go back and see that all the checkboxes and settings disappeared by themselves:


I have the same issue too. I use MT5 Version 5.00 build 2007 25 feb 2019. I installed the metatrader on a location where I can control the ownership of the files in a maximum way. I start the workstation in /portable mode to also have the Data folder in the same location. For testing I use the ExpertMACD EA

Any ideas are more then wlecome. I am more then prepared to install an older version of the metatrader5 software if somebody is willing to share a setup file. For now I installed Metatrader version 4 Build 1170 on the same drive and with /portable option. In this metatrader changing inputs works.

I have the same problem

Hello everybody,

Thank you for your update and I’m sorry for my late reply. Yes, I have exactly the same problem that you have described with screenshots.

Please tell me, is there any solution about it?


are you running Window 7 ? I am, just wondering if it’s an issue isolated to Windows 7. So I was fortunate I had older versions of MT5 on my computer. Right now I’m running an older version, and clicking no for MT5 automatic updates. I hope they resolve this issue soon.

I have the same problem with Windows Server 2016. On my other 2016 Server the same MT5 built works with no problems…

I think I have a solution.

here I have downloaded the old MT5 builds …

Then I took the files from the Build 1971 and overwrote the files in the MT5 program folder. MT5 must be closed. After the restart you will have the MT5 Build 1971 from January 2019.

If I now edit the settings, they will NOT change after clicking the TAPs. :slight_smile: Backtest I have not done yet. First posted here;). At the next start, however, there is again an auto update of the MT5. Let’s see how this can be suppressed - or keep repeating, or not close MT5 :). Server is always on with me anyway.

This should be the error in the last builds & hopefully be fixed soon …

Preventing MT from updating is quite easy. You just need to withdraw Read permission for Administrator on the downloaded files. Do this after download completed and before restarting MT.


open folder C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal
the download is contained in a directory named like D8275896C3BD1B4D443353853F139F66, open properties of it
flip to security settings, push Modify... button, a dialog with users and rights will open
select Administrator in the list, below a column with checkboxes is shown
check Read in the column to withdraw permissions, close all with ok
next time MT is started it will not be able to apply its update, and also it won't download more of them
if you want to receive updates again, revert the change on that folder

well done it worked.