How to distinguish between trades placed by multiple EAs

I wonder this is possible.

I run several same EAs on several charts for same currency. Each EA have their own independent position and trade. To avoid conflict between EAs, I use the MagicNumber as identifier through ‘INPUT’ when launch the EA. That is, Magic Number is assigned when the EA is launched.

The problem is that, after the EA is launched, I can not identify them on chart because they are all have same name! (same currency as well)

To distinguish them, I’d like to make a script which can tell me that which magic number was inputted on this chart.

Do you think this is possible?

Have a good day.

In the Terminal you see all positions: open and closed in different tabs,.

Just move the cursor above the line of one of them and you’ll see in the tooltip window your MagicNumber: ID 987987

Oh, Thank you. That could be one of solution. What I found after I posted this question is just simply pushing ‘F7’ on the chart to see my assigned magic number :slight_smile: So I don’t need to make any script for that.

Thank you for your advice!

  • By Magic Number …
  • By EA Comment, if used.
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