How to detect Rekno blocks using MQL?

Can anyone offer some starting guidance on how one could detect completion of a renko block? Like a renko version of iClose.

I could take candle High-Low to match the brick size I want, but that isn’t what I’m after. What I’d really like is the detection of the formation of a new block.

Thanks in advance,

It’s the same thing.

Yes, apologies, I have updated my question to make it cleaer.

Maybe store current iClose value in an array and keep comparing it to current iClose. If it changes, it’s a new candle?

Can iClose be used on an offline chart?

I’ve been testing iClose with CURRENT_PERIOD but it seems that it’s detecting somethings else, instead of the Renko offline chart. So I’ve got the same EA attached to 2 different charts (Renko and normal) to see if they both open trades at the same time, which would indicate that I am corrrect.

So, has anyone got any ideas on how to detect new renko blocks?