How to detect if my EA missed a tick?

Hello, I was searching the forum but didn’t find an answer to it.

So hopefully maybe somebody has an answer to this:

Is there a way in my OnTick() function to detect that I missed a tick (because another tick arrived during the tick method was still running)?

Thank you in advance.

Ticks are missed all the time. Different brokers filter ticks differently. I’ve seen average volume 50/minute, 150/minute, and 300+/minute.

What are you going to do differently if you see volume go up by more than one?

Thanks for your input. Good to know and Well actually I don’t know what or if I would do differently. - my thought was, the more data the better -

While I have years of C++ programming experience - I am completely new to Meta Trader and Automated /algorithmic trading.

Kind of a toy project of mine (with real money though) :slight_smile: