How to configure an EA running on VPS

Dear All,

I just rented my first VPS from MQL5 via my MT4 platform today. I set up my charts with the EAs that I wanted to upload to the VPS as demonstrated on the video:

As near as I can tell from the journal entries everything ported across successfully and the EAs are now running onthe VPS. So that is exciting!

What I wanted to know, but I have been unable to find the answer to with extensive google searching and searching on this form is two things:

  1. How do you adjust the EAs that I have already uploaded to the VPS, eg increase the lot size, change the days an EA is active etc without disturbing the other charts that I am not adjusting?

  2. How do you add additional charts with another EA, or add a signal provider to the VPS without disrupting the charts that I have already added to the VPS with my first synchronisation.

I can’t find any instructions on how to use the MT4 platform on a VPS, so if anyone had any sources of information, or experience with this it would be much appreciated.

You have to make your adjustments locally in your computer’s MT4 platform and then synchronize with your VPS again.

MQL5 MT4 integrated VPS doesn’t give you real/visual access to the MT4 platform that your EAs are loaded on.

Hi @acolly8 ,

Thanks for getting back to me about that. So do you mean you set up a new set of charts that have the adjustments that you want to make in them, then when you synchronize with your VPS again, then charts that are on the vps are deleted, and the new ones you have set up on your local MT4 platform replace them from that point forward?

That will be fine for mine as I only have three charts with EA’s on them, so by the sounds of it I would need to make up all three charts again, being sure to include any updates and changes, but what if you had a lot of charts. Is there any way of just updating one of the charts on your VPS, or do you always have to do all of them every time you synchronise.

When you synchronize, you synchronize all EAs together, so yes you have to upload the final settings for all EAs each time you make an adjustment to one of them.

I myself keep all the latest EA settings on the charts of my local MT4 platform (in my computer) and when I make an adjustment, I synchronise again with the VPS for all of them.

Synchronize -


Migration is transferring the current active environment from the client terminal to the virtual one. This is a simple and straightforward way to change the set of launched programs, open charts and subscription parameters in the virtual terminal.
Migration is performed during each synchronization of the client terminal. Synchronization is always a one-direction process - the client terminal’s environment is moved to the virtual terminal but never vice versa. The virtual terminal status can be monitored via requesting the terminal’s and Expert Advisors’ logs as well as virtual server’s monitoring data.
To perform synchronization, execute “Synchronize Environment” command and select migration type.
Thus, you always can change the number of charts and the list of symbols in the Data Window, the set of launched programs and their input parameters, the terminal settings and Signal subscription.
When performing migration, all data is recorded in the client terminal’s log.
After the synchronization, open the virtual terminal’s main journal to examine the actions performed on it.
In the newly opened log window, you can set a piece of text the journal entries are to be filtered by and a desired interval. After that, click Request to download the found logs.
Virtual terminal logs themselves are updated at each request and saved in <terminal data folder>/logs/hosting.<hosting_ID>.terminal and <terminal data folder>/logs/hosting.<hosting_ID>.experts.

As someone complained that “my VPS does not work” so I want to remind the following:

  • Only open charts with EAs are migrated to VPS. If there is no expert on the chart, then the chart does not migrate.
  • Secondly, any dll is prohibited on the hosting.
  • If 0 graphs, 0 experts and 0 indicators are clearly written in the hosting log - it means that “no expert on the chart” during the migration, or EAs are using dll, or the migration was not provided by the user.

For information.


My mt4 platform will not hold the AutoTrading input. I set it to Autotrade, smiley faces on all charts. Then when I minimize mt4 window on my desktop, or close it, or my computer sleeps or shuts down, autotrader is always disabled, sad faces on all charts. Is there something wrong? Why won’t it stay on? And is it staying on the vps? I assume it should be, but I can’t check it to see. I have all smileys and EAs are loaded on charts, etc. Then I synchronize all with vps. Then I eventually close or minimize or whatever the mt4 platform and its all disabled. Is there a way to fix that, and is all well and is AutoTrading continuing enabled on vps?

Make sure that the Auto-Trading tab is green, Navigator - EA is green and graph on the top right corner is green. Then you can shut down computer. Next time when you restart the computer those three green indicators are green .