How to break an EA code into multiple files?

I have an EA which includes number of " Functions", which are working perfectly fine. However, my EA is getting too long and I know I can take the code for my " Functions " out of my EA and put each one in a file stored inside the " Include " Folder. This would make the body of the EA much shorter. How Can I use Include Folder?

I thank you in advance for all your help and time.

  1. Including an include file, is the same as if the code was inserted right there.

  2. Choose a NAME for the include file. Insert just above the code:

#include <NAME.mqh> // If you want the file to be in the include folder.
#include "NAME.mqh" // Or, if you want it to be in your code's folder.
  1. Cut out the code and place it in your NAME.mqh