How many MetaTrader instances can you run concurrently on desktop?

How many metatraders can run on one desktop PC concurrently? Thanks.

There are 32…

Thanks and can I this information verify somewhere?

Empirical test:

Many thanks :)…

There is a second question you need to consider as well… do you have the computer resources to run that many instances of MT4 at the same time?

I use a VPS service and it is at its limits to run 3 instances of MT4 and one demo of MT5. The computing power for running each instance depends on the number and complexity of the EAs and indicators that appear on each chart in each instance of MT4 and also the timeframes on those charts since it increases the frequency of calculations on the charts.

My VPS is hits it maximum occasionally as I have up to 50 charts on each instance running EAs. I have some running Renko charts so their resources use is slightly different than a normal timeframe. Other than that I have a few charts running an H4 chart and most of the charts run D1 charts. I recently learned that an MT4 terminal can run up to 100 charts but I find that my use of MT4 is more limited because it will stop letting me assign indicators to a chart. If you max out your resources too often then MT4 might miss trading opportunities by being too busy to execute your trades.

You can check the resources level you are using on a computer with the Windows accessory: Start/Accessories/System Tools/Resource Monitor. Other Windows tools do the same thing if you have them installed.