How many EA robots can you run concurrently in MetaTrader?

How many individual robots (or instances of the same robot on different currency pairs) is it possible to run simultaneously on an MT4 platform?

  1. 1 by chart…

So , many?!! Thanks - I’ve got 8 so I’m ok…

Well 100 it’s theoretical limit. In practice you need enough resource (Memory/CPU) to manage your EAs. Even 8 can be too much eventually.

Hi lbrodbinw ! Tell me please is it possible to run an EA on different accounts on the same broker terminal ? ( I want every account to run a separate pair )Thank you !

I don’t think it’s possible to login into multiple accounts in one terminal concurrently

If you have enough capital for it to make sense you can run your EAs on hosted servers. Benefit is that your computer doesn’t have to be up 24/7. So if you get to the point where your computer can’t handle the load, it might be an option for you.

I encountered serious problems running nearly 30 EA’s (but in Metatrader 5, I suppose no big difference with 4) on 3 GHz CPU.

Main problem is when terminal start up. Many EA’s gets “lack of resources” errors. But if start up passes through, works fine.