Getting pass number while EA is going through optimization in strategytester?

Hello People

I am just curious if EA can commnuicate with strategytester duing its optimizaiton process.

I can see that with “ParameterGetRange” and “ParameterSetRange” you can freely get and set optimizaiton parameters on strategy tester from your EA.

However I have not found the ways of getting each pass number during optimization from EA. Does EA have an access to individual pass number and other statistics generated from strategyteser during runtime (not after optimziation is completed but during optimizaiton) ?

Really appreciated if you could share your wisdom.

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Please see if this article can help you ?

Thanks for direction.

All I am trying to do is to simply get pass number.

Tried this code but nothing was printed.

int pass = 0;

void OnTesterPass()
    pass = pass + 1;
    printf("pass = %d", pass);

But it did not work.

Still don’t get the concept of FrameAdd and FrameNext function. I think this might be much more complicated than we think as we have deal with multiple thread from the strategy tester. :slight_smile:


Why do you need the pass number ?

Yes, I wanted to record pass number on the file, which created before optimization, as each pass in optimization is completed.

So I can write some other information on the file together.

Pass will tell me at which time and from what parameter setting the information was written.

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You should use function in OnTesterPass event handler - see the documentation on events:

Thanks a lot. I will give a go. I never try this functon before and still try to get my head around with this concept of frame.

Got to have sometime to read. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.