Future plots - EVENT object

I need to plot vertically using the EVENT object. Does anyone know how to adapt this to plot price projections in the future space. thanks.

EDIT: Oops, just realised you wanted it on a Graphical object and not for the buffers. I’ve never used EVENT objects, but I am assuming you can just set the anchor point at a future date like most other graphical objects.

ObjectCreate( ..., ..., OBJ_EVENT, ..., date_time_anchor, 0 )

For placing buffer data in the “future”, just apply a shift of the indicator’s plotting along the time axis in bars.

thank you for the quick response. I will look at that. I am new to QT5 so your help is much appreciated.

I need something like Time[-1] to plot (without shifting) beyond the current bar and even into non-trading days. I want to see the future <|:)

That is not how it works! You can’t use negative array indices so you will have to use shifting or other options as stated.