Error 1003 (MT5 build 4000)

When I want to open MT5 form terminal at some random time MT5 will open and close itself, when I looked into the log file it shows this error message:

1	13:22:22.896	Network	'4792874': connection to [Broker Name] lost
2	13:22:23.129	Virtual Hosting	failed to get list of virtual hosts [1003] (http - read first answer failed)
0	13:22:23.133	Network	'4792874': disconnected from [Broker Server]

I looked everywhere about this error and found nothing, the only clue I found about this error is that error code [Error 1001] is an internal MQL WebRequest error. The EA has nothing to do with any web request and it only used to do auto-optimization. Anyone knows anything about this error or how to fix this?