EMA with alert?

Does anyone know of an indicator that alerts when price is within a specified range of 34 EMA? I have searched but can only find cross alerts.

Take one of the EMA Cross alerts and make one EMA 34 & the other EMA 1 as the 1 is the same as the current price then add a Bid/Ask to the Alert and it will ALERT you the spread distance before price hits the 34 EMA or add BID/ASK plus/minus an amount like 3 or 5 to increase the warning distance.

Or just use it as it is and an ALERT will occur as the EMA1 crosses the EMA34.

Here is the indicator with, sound, dialog box, and email alert options.

This only alerts once at the beginning of the the candle.

You can choose the length(period) of the EMA and price price range(distance from EMA).

File : https://c.mql5.com/forextsd/forum/19/ema-alert.mq4

i`m sure we are all busy but i wanted to thank you on behalf of everyone, i was looking for precisely this kind of indicator.

Keep up the good work.


Try this, it does all that and more. Get the latest version.

I have altered this indicator as requested to now be an MA Alert, the user can now use any MA Mode/ MA Price or Shift, the Popup message & email now includes the Symbol & Timeframe plus you can also change the Sound File for the Sound Alert so for that reason I have renamed it MA-Price_Alert