EA parameters revert to defaults

I have problems with the MT5 strategy tester.
All parameters are reset to defaults when changed.
If I change a parameter in inputs and then click on settings and then click on inputs, all parameters are back to defaults.
This behavior is when I install a new MT5.
On another MT5 that has been on the PC for a while, it works. But they are the same versions. Tested on another PC, it is the same.
What could be the problem?

Thanks and best regards

The investigation showed that when the terminal starts after a clean installation, the “Tester” subfolder is not created in the \ MQL5 \ Profiles .

If you create this subfolder with your hands, the problem of resetting the settings disappears.


Open Metatrader 5,
*File - Open Data Folder - MQL5 - Profiles,
and create Tester folder there:
I checked now and it works.

Thanks, now it works.
You have helped me a lot.
I had already without success, reinstalled windows and then installed the MT5!
best regards

I met the same problem. It doesn’t work whether I create the “Tester” folder under the folder "Profiles . And the Profiles folders only have a folder name “deleted” before.

Microsoft Windows [ver 10.0.17763.529]

MT5 build 2007