Double top indicator stopped working on metatrader 5

I seem to have a problem with this indicator I recently purchased , it has stopped creating alerts when backtested

when I run a backtest on a single curreny pair say EURUSD (or any currency pair) it is not recording any alerts in the strategy tester journal/ log file, where it did before

this indicator was working fine until about 1 -2 weeks ago but all of a sudden running it with the strategy tester has stopped creating alerts

could a update in mt5 have cause this problem??

is the any way to download a older mt5 build version to confirm this indicator works in that??

even when you go to the indicator in in the market and download the demo and run tests the same thing is happening , no alerts, a few weeks ago it was working fine

can someone download the demo and run a test for the past month/3 months etc to confirm this indicator is no longer is recording alerts to the jormual / log files on a backtest


Talk to the seller please.

I was hoping someone else would be able to download the demo to run a test to confirm the error