Communicate with a web site

Hey dear Dev friend, I’m trying to create an MQL4 EA that can communicate with a web site

I had to go through the MQL4 documentation and the only way to communicate with the outside environment is through the file functions

Or should try to include the win.32 dll?

I’m looking for idea, how to set this up

I used to get the following response. If you go and use Claude and ask more follow-up questions you may get better results and even code possibly:

Here are a few ways an MQL4 expert advisor (EA) could communicate with a website:

  • Use the FileOpen, FileRead, FileWrite functions to read/write data to a local file. Have a separate program check this file and send data to the website.
  • Use the MessageBox function to display data, and have the user manually copy and paste it to the website.
  • Include a DLL file compiled from C/C++ code that can use Internet/socket functions to directly connect to the website and send/receive data.
  • Use the PostRequest function in the Trade library to send data via HTTP POST. This could POST to a script on your own web server that then passes the data on to the destination website.
  • Consider using MQL5 instead, which has more built-in networking functions like HttpRequest.

The file functions or DLL option is probably the easiest way from standard MQL4. The POST and MQL5 options require more advanced setup but allow more direct communication. The key is finding a way to get the data out of Metatrader and to your web application.