Can I control another EA inside an EA?

Hi All

I am running an EA (EA_1) purchased from MQL5 market. Now, I would like to create another custom EA (EA_2), add some additional criteria / indicators on top of it in order to make the EA_1 more secure

Can I control the EA_1 stop and run inside the EA_2?



Cannot be done without source code.

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That’s right.
I coded an EA that triggers an other one then the second one wait for trigger the order direction by a click.
The process can be automated completely, by the idea need to give human touch on the trade :slight_smile:

First EA scans the 28 market pairs. Check the currency strength and weakness mathematically then the chart of the strongest vs weakest is opened automatically. This will let the trades how the price move looks like before entering the trade.

I used a trick to make things easy for me …
For the second EA, I installed it on any chart … Use my preferred settings, then saved it as a default template.
Once the chart is called to open, the new chart will have the second EA with the exact defined settings and time frame.
This makes my trading very easy and quick.

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