Access violation... Strange error

The EA runs well these days but suddenly gives this error today: Access violation…

I just did some small changes and compiled well. Because the code can be compiled well, I don’t know what the problem is. And I can’t understand the error report. Please teach me how to solve the problem. Thanks

Such strange errors can happen on faulty ram, run a memory tester. The terminal crashes because of an illegal memory access.

So you mean it is a hardware problem? It happens at each time I start the EA. Could you give me the detail solution? Thank you

Detail solution, phone up a computer scientist and have him sit next to you. Prepare a cup of coffee. Run that memory test meanwhile…

Haha Thanks I will run the memory test

It can also be an MT4 or MT5 bug.

This could be easy to test, if the whole installation is copied to another computer with the same operating system. Looks like Windows 10. If the error does not occur with the same chart settings&history and MT version, then it’s more likely a hardware issue.

Yes but it’s not always so easy to reproduce the (potential) bug, as sometimes it needs some very specific conditions to trigger.

“By chance”, I just see an access violation read from one of my EA running on a VPS, it’s very unlikely it’s an hardware failure. The EA crashed but not MT4 and after a restart all is working well. It will be very hard to understand the problem.

Of course your hypothesis of an hardware failure is also valid.

Ok, so I suggest to install Visual Studio and attach with a debugger. It adds this option to the crash dialog so you can gather additional hints.