A problem when I test my Ea

When I test my Ea,it show " CTrade::OrderSend: market sell 1.06 EURUSD [invalid volume]" ,how to solve it?

Change the volume…

Try to reduce your lot size to maybe 0.05 or 0.01 instead of 1.06

Can you share your Error screen shot?

Thank you everybody.I get the reason.i shouldn’t use the volume less than step.

Ask for a new question.When I test my ea,it always print blank line every minutes(My time period is M1),but i didn’t use the Print() function.As the picture shows:

May I ask everyone,how to solve it?Thank you all.

This seems like your EA keep on sending countless order request to your broker, without proper parameters , within your OrderSend()

Ok,i will check my code.But in the day off,it still print the balnk line.Why is that?

Oh,I get it.It’s my wrong.Thank you all.