Why ChartApplyTemplate() doesn't work when testing?

Why ChartApplyTemplate() in OnInit() doesn’t work when testing?

What should I do to change the properties of a chart on Strategy Tester?


You need to name a template “EA_name.tpl” or “tester.tpl”, it will be applied automatically.

You can’t. What to do ?

Thanks, I only want to see the simultaneous charts in different timeframes.

Is there any way to get this?

If you are talking about MT4, you can’t do that while testing.

Thanks,I am using MT5, so there‘s a way to change the Peroid of a chart while testing? How to do that?

I already answered about that, you can’t change the chart on the Strategy Tester.

With MT5, you can open charts with ChartOpen() function.

Hi! I have two charts with instruments (EURUSD, USDCHF) in tester, first of them loaded with template, but second false… How can i ChartApplyTemplate to second chart?