Which strategy is best for bitcoin?

HI,Which strategy is best for BTCUSD?

Flipping coin is probably best one

Fundamental analysis is screwed in bitcoin, its better to use technical analysis strategies or price action

Flipping coin is still the best as no one can tell what move the price

bitcoin is just another luck game nothing more then that

and volatility, when have an open trade you will not sleep because you may not know what co

habibti! Currency strength, for sure sure sure sure ! I discovered its potential on cryptocurrencies only few days ago ! See link in PM.

BUY and HOLD for at least 2 years.

best bitcoin strategy is of course dont put any money in that useless thing.

BTC is very technical when it’s in ranging cycle. The problem is that BTC do a lot of unexpected strong breakouts.

As for all markets… there is not the best strategy but there is a good strategy for each market phase.

Buy and hold. Invest what you can afford to lose. Its worth the risk to be honest. Don’t buy in fear of missing out, like prices at 20k. Buy at a low price, around 8k and hold it for years. Look at this history as well, whenever bitcoin hits a new high, it will retrace and correct. Don’t ever buy at its highest point. A lot of people bought at 20k and have not even broke even today. Good luck.