What trade wrappers do you use (MQL4/5-native, <Trade\Trade.mqh>, etc)?

What trade wrappers do you use (MQL4/5-native, <Trade\Trade.mqh>, etc)?
What are their advantages and disadvantages?

If some used, but did not like, write the reason, please.

I used native functions as they are better documented. I know the other class is popular but I can’t find a good documentation for that.

The MQL5-native is very complex. In any case, you need to simplify it through someone else’s or your own library. Otherwise, the code becomes large and confusing. It is difficult to understand and edit.

Perhaps that is <Trade\Trade.mqh> was created. Alternatives rarely come across and unpopular.

Makes sense. Would you be able to provide a sample code for placing a trade using the Trade\Trade.mqh? And where to get it from? Thank you

#include <Trade\Trade.mqh>

// Buy, Sell and CloseBy.
void OnInit()
  CTrade Trade;
  if (Trade.Buy(1))
    const ulong TicketBuy = Trade.ResultOrder();
    if (Trade.Sell(1))
      Print(Trade.PositionCloseBy(TicketBuy, Trade.ResultOrder()));

Such code will work in Tester and on some trading servers. But not at all.
To make it fully working is almost impossible, unfortunately.