What is Daily Range?


I always come across the term Daily Range. From what I understood, daily range is the range starting from the daily open to the daily low or daily high.

Am I right???

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The Daily range is the high/low of the previous day…

As what i’ve learned from my studies, when you say Daily Range, it’s the difference between the high and low price in one trading day.

Yes, high/low of previous day.

I’ll enhance what others have told you…Daily range is the highest/lowest and the difference from the previous day. It helps you in understanding which currency pair is high liquid.

But when considering daily range, be consistent in considering the opening and closing time.Some people use London open-close today and US open-close after few days. That will not give true picture.

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The daily series is the largest / smallest, and the difference with previous day. It will help you understand what is the currency pair is a medium to high. But when you take into account a variety of every day, in line with the opening and closing time.Some people using on-off in London today and the U.S. Open-close after a few days. It does not give an accurate picture.