What is a suitable minicomputer to run 2 or 3 MT4´s?


I want to run 2 or 3 MT4´s with a minicomputer. Each MT4 should manage 10-15 charts. Each chart has an EA.

The idea is, it should run day and night without a monitor. I want to manage it with remotedesktop connection.

Right, the same as a VPS server. Only at home. Do anyone have a suggestion which hardware is enough for these kind of tasks?

Hi, will be better laptop than mini pc because laptop have battery, so when energy shut down your MT4 will be online. MT4 platform don’t need supercomputer so 2x2 Ghz processor and 8 gb RAM will be enough, more than 10 open chart with EA can have problem with execute new open position . Regards Greg

A single terminal can run 99 charts. Why do you think you need “2 or 3,” with all the added problems.
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Yes, it could be the better solution with an older laptop. First I thought at a mini pc because I want to have a as much unremarkable solution as possible. But the cheaper ones are to slow I guess. For the moment I switched back to a rented vps server. I found one which costs only 4.50 per month.

Why do you think that more than 10 open charts are problematic for trade execution?


Because of different broker