Very neat pivot indicators!

hi everyone, here are a couple of pivot indicators that i am sharing. one is a calculator that allows you to calculate your own pivots for any timeframe and the other plots the pivot points, mid pivots, camarilla pivots and the previous two days high and low as well as a vertical line on the midnight candle right on your charts! the calculator is very handy because it stays on top of other running programs even if you click on something else, it remains on top. and to have the mt4 indicator calculate the pivots from midnight to midnight eastern standard time just set the timezone number to however many hours your charts are fast. if you have any questions feel free to ask


Thank you . I’ve downloaded the pivot points - they really are great.

Is there any way that the colors of the lines can be changed? I’d also like to remove R3 and S3 if possible.

Thanks again

hey vpeabody1, i am glad that you like them, but i dont think that either of your request can be done because i only have the .ex4 file and not the .mql

Thanks anyway byou86. They really made life easier for me. I like the fact that they have the midpoints. Take care

Thank You for both the Pivot Calculator and the indicator.It is particularly useful because of the the midpoints it plots as well

I can’t seem to get it to work in MT4? The EA is greyed out…