Trend Line Indicator

Tesla aka “The Friendly Neighborhood Programer” was kind enough to share his EA to accomplish what I was asking for.

Just add Alert_# to the description of any trend or horizontal line on a chart. # being the number of pips away from the line you want the alert sent. When the alert is sent “Alert_#” will be stripped from the description so only one alert will be sent at a time.

Has anyone ever seen an indicator that allow you to draw trend lines then sends an email alert when that line is crossed by price?

I forgot the exact link. Try searching “trendline order”.

Thanks for puting the TrendOrder EA together. It works perfectly. I’m looking for something more simple. Just a simple indicator.

Maybe in the properties of the indicator we could put the name of the Horizontal Line or Trend line and have an option to email alert once when Price crosses the line?

We could then place the indicator on the chart once for as many lines as we want to be notified when price crosses.

I am trading several pairs on 4 hour charts and work in an office 12 hours a day. An email to my cell phone would keep me in the game.

Thanks for your kind response.

Updated earlier post with EA.

Concept on alerter is great. I am unable to drag and drop it, however, onto a chart. Should the above mq4 file be downloaded into experts or indicator folder? Thanks a lot. Hopefully you can help me get this bad boy up and running.

Hello everyone, and thanks for aid