ToR 1.02 - Trending or Ranging

OK, the latest version of ToR now adds CCI on three timeframes, 1 min, 5 min and 15min

with both Entry and Trend user adjustable. The calculation is done price typical so it

will match up with woodie’s CCI numbers.

OK, 1.11 was broken, if anyone has it delete it and use 1.12 instead or the new 1.20.

This indicator I originally wrote to simple tell between trending and ranging markets.

But now it’s almost a little trading system in itself.

The next version will give plain text buy and sell signals in addition to what is shown in


Other functionality remains the same.

This indicator shows you whether a pair is trending or ranging.

For trending markets use moving averages and for ranging

market use oscillators.

It shows ADX values for multiple timeframes to help you

decide which trading technique to use.

Sometimes you’ll see short-term trends against the H4

and D1 trend.

Green is up, Red is down, Blue is ranging. There are two arrows

for both up and down depending on the strength of the trend.

There is a 45 degree arrow up and down for beginning trend and

a 90 degree arrow up and down for strong trends. The squiggly

lines represent ranging.

Also, it seems to me that in ranging markets you’ll get conflicting

info from ADX on different timeframes.

Version: 1.20

1.20 - added CCI with two periods in 1, 5 and 15 min

1.12 - fixed some bugs in 1.11

1.11 - changed to “stronger” and “weaker”, added 4 Hour

1.10 - added ADX increasing and decreasing notice

1.03 - adjusted spacing, fonts, unreleased

1.02 - added arrows, ranging icon, no zero space state

for icons/arrows, spacing got messed up, now


1.01 - unreleased, reduced number of colors, functional

1.0 - unreleased, too many colors for ADX values

Files :

Thanks for sharing this. Your contribution to this board is most welcomed. This one can be added to my list of filters and hopefully be implemented in some systems in the near future.

Cool, I hope everyone makes good use of it

what time frame the best to use this indi ?..and how ur strategi when ur use this indi ?..could u can share with us…

Can u code a similar indicator but using RSI instead of ADX? It will be much appreciated. Thanks

hey it’s you, the one who posted that you created an indicator that can help the cornflower system. I appreciate your work but sadly lever doesn’t like to use indicators. Thanks for posting it here.

Happy coding…