Today Trend Indicator

Hi fellow traders,

Is anybody in here familiar with this indicator, it is called Today Trend. It tells you when to buy or sell at a specific price. I haven’t tried it yet because I am currently testing a different trading system. I just want to know if this one has better results.

I attached the indicator for those who want to try it. Don’t forget to post your opinions about it.

Thanks in advance guys…

Happy Trading Everyone…


Thanks for the indicator, very interesting. At the moment im a it busy developing a trading system, very promising. I’ll be disclosing my system very soon here. Regarding the indicator you posted it seems that it uses pivot lines to determine the signals. I still didnt analyze the indicator, as soon as i have time i’ll try to integrate it into a system.


most of the signal are false when we use in daily chart. Thanks


Thanks for your answer vpeabody1, I can’t wait for it to be put into a real system

Hi cbartolomucci2h

What timeframe is it best used then? Is it better on higher timeframes or lower?

I think this is the Todays Forex trend reversal Indicator which has bad results in live testing since july last year.

Commonly called TFX indicator.Its no good.

thanks for your reply afinneyq, however I am testing The Daily Fozzy Method Trading System right now. But if I have time I will sure take a look at that indicator of yours. Thanks for sharing it.

Happy Trading Everyone