Strategy tester report evaluations

Anyplace on the web that you can get those strategy tester reports evaluated?

Reports do a find job of the basic details if you only had one symbol on it.

I love the amount of details you get with and others but you cannot upload a statement as far as I know of.

Anyone had any knowledge about uploading tester reports that evaluates them?

I think There is a free version of Quant Analyzer that you can get some ideas from

So say for example you are testing several EA each that were different and the EA name and version were posted in the order comments;

you make a detailed report and now see the magic number which you don’t see in account history …

you want to export to excel to separate trades by EA just to see how they are doing and you cannot unless removing the [sl]/[tp] from the order comment …

sorry and why bother with showing canceled/deleted orders?

And just another thing if you see exposure why cannot it show instead the growth of the trades by symbol and other factors like magic number/order comment just like tester?

exposure is useless to me and I would much rather see like tester the growth of the account with options to set for specific rendition of factors of trades made demo/live.

Say I wanted to know if an expert would have worked on multiple pairs with my strategy tester test?

You do a strategy tester test on each, you have two strategy tester reports and you don’t know the effectiveness of the strategy running on those pairs

It’s not suitable for that.

Also, MT5 handles multiple pairs in the tester.
As soon as you call for data on a foreign instrument, in OnInit() for example, the instrument will pop up in Tester’s Market Watch.

I suggest that you create and write to a file as you process the data, the file would be adapted to your specific purpose, perhaps you need a couple different files… you can analyze those after the process finishes.

As the other poster states, MT5 will be more suitable for multiple pairs.

Try this.