Stochastic with sound

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if its possible to have a stochastic indicator with sound? I’m going to try to get an old laptop, put some massive speakers on it, and try to trade with it running 24/7…

If anyone has a stochastic with sound it would be great. I’d like it to make the sound right when it crosses (%K and %D are equal) so its an alert for me to watch it closely for the next candle.

Thanks to anyone who can attach one on this thread.


What if the stoch crosses every 2 or 3 minutes? As it does when the strength > 95%. It’s gonna be annoying, isn’t it?

If you like that, i can brew one for you.


Its just to get my attention when im there, ill turn off the sound on the computer once i’m there…


extern int = 50;

extern int CCI_Entry = 14;

extern int SignalLevel = 0;

This is CCI not stochastic.

I’m gonna go look for some funky sounds now, scorpion hope you can do this quickly.