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I need Stochastic or RSI with Sound Alert if cross 20 or 80

Please if any body put link, w thanks

Here’s the RSI with alert:

Thanks a lot agallacherl.

Great help:blush:

Stochastic with alert:

Thanks, I will try it.

hi everyone,

i need a different type of stochastic cross.i need an alert to sound when the stochastic with setting 46 ,3 ,3 crosses 50 from down to up and then from up to down. (both the k and d) cross 50 line i.e the middle level

alternatively it should be the original stoch with adjustable settings so that i would be able to put in the 46,3,3 .i dont know how to attach it yet but whoever wants to help could use ‘stochhistogram’ as i like the visual appeal it gives on the screen.

one more thing

could you do it in such a way that i know the pair it is crossing .

well thanks in advance.

iam waiting